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  • Environmental Services

    From restoring contaminated sites like former uranium mining and processing facilities, to developing innovative technologies to address complex environmental issues, such as the removal of chlorinated solvents from the subsurface, to using sophisticated numerical models to guide site investigation and remediation activities, INTERA is a leader in providing quantitative geoscience and engineering services to meet environmental challenges. INTERA is known for providing technical and quantitat

  • Site Assessment & Investigation Services

    Site Assessment & Investigation Services

    INTERA's site assessment and investigation services are designed to provide clients with the technical information needed to make sound business decisions. Since many site investigations are regulatory-driven, our scientific and engineering professionals offer in-depth experience with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies and bring to our clients an up-to-date understanding of environmental regulations and procedures.

  • Flow & Transport Modeling Services

    Flow & Transport Modeling Services

    Modeling expertise is one of the technological capabilities on which INTERA's reputation is founded. We are a leader in the development and application of quantitative modeling techniques for evaluating groundwater flow and contaminant transport problems. Over the last 32 years, we have developed public domain groundwater flow and transport modeling programs such as SWIFT and SWIFT-II. These models were the first capable of treating variable fluid...

  • Compliance Auditing & Due Diligence Services

    Compliance Auditing & Due Diligence Services

    INTERA's auditing services focus on gauging the risk of potential environmental liabilities. We have conducted audits at a wide variety of facilities across the country, addressing hazardous materials, hazardous waste, solid waste, water quality, air quality, and health and safety issues. Whether the audit is being performed for one of our client's existing facilities or for a new facility or site being considered for acquisition, we systematically...

  • Site Remediation Services

    Site Remediation Services

    The most effective remedial actions result from the right combination of site investigations, evaluation of remedial alternatives, effective design engineering, and capable implementation. Since every contamination problem is unique, INTERAs knowledge and experience with a wide range of remedial approaches and technologies allow us to apply the best available methods. Our capabilities enable us to provide turnkey remedial solutions, from design,...

  • Water Resource Services

    Water is a valuable resource. Because of the complexities involved in managing this resource, those responsible for solving water supply problems and evaluating overall water needs require proven expertise and technology. INTERA has solved numerous water resource problems related to water supply, water quality, water rights, water transfers, water management plans, and instream flow requirements for clients throughout the southern and western U.S. Working for municipal water suppliers, state

  • Water Resource Planning Services

    Water Resource Planning Services

    Water resource planning is one of the more complex activities because it often includes competing interests and limited resources. It is a combination of technical issues that are inherently quantitative balanced with other issues that are qualitative in nature, such as public perception, stakeholder support, or environmental suitability. INTERA is experienced in developing decision support methods for water resources that allow a transparent...

  • Water Availability Modeling Services

    Water Availability Modeling Services

    The effective management of water resources frequently requires quantitative assessments of aquifer availability, aquifer sustainability, and the mechanisms of recharge and discharge, including the interaction of surface water and groundwater. These assessments require a detailed analysis of aquifer flow dynamics. Numerical models provide the best means to quantitatively represent the essential features of the actual groundwater system. Through a...

  • Hydrology & Hydrodynamic Modeling Services

    Hydrology & Hydrodynamic Modeling Services

    INTERA has solved many water resource problems for clients throughout the southern and western U.S. that include municipal water suppliers, state and federal agencies, and industry. Our services focus on providing predictions of the future hydrologic-system conditions needed to make sound decisions regarding water resource management using state-of-the-art data acquisition and modeling technology.

  • Statistical & Geostatistical Forecasting Services

    Statistical & Geostatistical Forecasting Services

    INTERA has over 20 years of experience in the development and application of statistical and geostatistical tools to hydrologic and hydrogeologic data. Our personnel have developed statistical models for time series data such as rainfall and ET, groundwater and surface water data, wetland and lake-level data, water quality, and short term and long term water demand.

  • Waste Isolation Services

    Around the world, nuclear energy and defense programs have generated thousands of tons of spent fuel and other radioactive wastes. As a result, many state and national governments have embarked on large-scale programs to develop ways of isolating these wastes for the many thousands of years that they will remain hazardous. The majority of these programs have determined that deep geologic isolation represents the best disposal option.

  • Site Characterization Services

    Site Characterization Services

    Site characterization studies of potential or existing sites for isolating radioactive or other wastes require careful program design and planning, methodical plan implementation, accurate and thorough fieldwork, and detailed analysis of the site characterization data that is collected. INTERA's experience includes planning and implementing geological and hydrogeological testing programs for radioactive waste disposal facilities around the globe. We...

  • Process & System Modeling Services

    Process & System Modeling Services

    In the mid 1970s, INTERA began to apply sophisticated petroleum reservoir engineering technology to the area of groundwater flow and transport. Under contract to the United States Geological Survey, we developed the first groundwater code to couple flow, energy transport, and contaminant transport in three dimensions, accounting for density and viscosity effects. In 1976, we modified this code into a radionuclide transport code, called SWIP, to...

  • Performance Assessment Services

    Performance Assessment Services

    Assessing the performance of a waste isolation facility, whether it be a mined geologic repository for disposal of radioactive wastes or a geologic formation selected for the injection and storage of industrial wastes such as CO2, requires identification and analysis of the physical processes (e.g., two-phase flow in a repository horizon) and the events that could cause release of the waste to the accessible environment. Furthermore, since regulatory...