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Property Maintenance Services


One of the many diverse services provided by Envor Group Oy is the maintenance of property. A reliable and professionally skilled workforce ensures that the maintenance and monitoring duties necessary for the efficient management of a property are undertaken all year round. A flexible programme of services can be structured following discussions with residents and other users of the property.

Property maintenance can be divided into two main areas of responsibility: Interior work, such as technical maintenance; and exterior work, primarily the maintenance of a clean and safe exterior of the property. A typical example of this would be keeping the lawns short in the summer, or clearing areas of snow and laying the appropriate anti-slip treatments in the winter.

Property maintenance services can be provided for residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial plants. Envor Group Oy employs experienced technicians to operate the various high-powered machines used in the maintenance of any property. The safety of property users is paramount to the maintenance operations, with another key goal being the sustainment of property value.

A 24-hour customer services helpline ensures that the unforeseen problems of any customer are dealt with by qualified personnel around the clock.

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