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Security is a fundamental element in everything that we do.  RDC has a dedicated security manager, responsible for all aspects of security.

Physical Security; The RDC site has a perimeter fence, CCTV, intruder and fire systems, is permanently man guarded (on-site presence) and is manned by vetted personnel.  We use metal detectors on all personnel leaving our operational areas along with random physical searches of bags, lockers and vehicles.

RDC Logistics Vehicles;  have enhanced locking systems, alarms, trackers, CCTV, are manned by security cleared personnel and can be allocated to prearranged routes for point to point collections/deliveries.

Data; RDC never accesses data on any device sent in for processing, anything that is data bearing is either wiped electronically using government approved software or physically destroyed by shredding or incineration in a licensed secure facility.

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