Abscope Environmental, Inc.

Abscope Environmental, Inc.

Remedial Excavation Service


We specialize in cleaning up 'dirty' soil. Abscope offers the benefits of more than 20 years of site remediation construction experience.

We have managed large-scale landfill closures, new landfill construction, numerous sheetpiling installations, and associated major excavation activities. Associated water-management activities for construction have included bypass pumping of 40,000 gpm for stream diversion. Remedial soil excavation capabilities include:

  • environmental cleanup of private and government-mandated contaminated sites
  • bypass pumping to reroute natural bodies of water
  • sheeting and shoring
  • excavation/relocation of contaminated soils
  • on-site/off-site treatment of contaminated soils
  • streambank capping (for example, AquaBloc)
  • geosynthetic and HDPE liner installations
  • dewatering
  • landfill and surface impoundment capping
  • characterization, transportation, and disposal of hazardous and nonhazardous waste
  • subsurface investigations
  • civil site work

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