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The research&development department’s activities follow up with the original orientation of the Institute for processing of chemical fibres (Ustav pro zpracovani chemickych vlaken, UZCHV), i.e. application research, development, consultancy and informatics in the area of wool-processing and textile industry starting from testing of new fibrous materials through processing technologies to testing of new technological processes and machinery, including testing of fibres and textiles quality. The activities of the research&development department are supported by a complete spinning, weaving and knitting technologies.

Research&development department is a non-productive section that ensures:

  • Managing of projects in R&D area on national and international level.
  • Patterning of small items of yarns, cloths and knitted fabrics.
  • Development of new types of textile products, innovations of current assortment base.
  • Cooperation with national and foreign laboratories and provision of textile materials testing using standard and special methods.
  • Testing of processability of textile materials.
  • Maintaining business contacts with Czech and Foreign producers of textile fibres and manufacturers of manufacturing&technological machinery.

Preparation of yarns samples

Our complete spinning technology is supported by a top-class technology in the area of preparation of a strand and rove (regulation drawing frame RSB – D 35, roving machine F 15), and spinning machine K 44 for manufacturing of compact ring yarns. Our installed spinning technology provides the possibility to test processability of new materials and patterning of small items of yarns and semi-products. Patterning of hybrid technical and functional mixed yarns made of synthetic, natural, metal and coated fibres

Preparation woven samples patterning devices CCI

  • patterning warping machine SW 550
  • embossing roller states Evergreen SL 8900
  • patterning device sizing SS 565

This is a computer-controlled assembly patterning device for preparing CCI woven samples. The equipment used to verify the workability of new materials, simulating the conditions of production and operational preparation of color, material, detention and dostavových variants for each fabric pattern.

  • The devices are capable of processing simple and twisted yarn and silk wide range of gentleness and materials.
  • The warping is possible to use only one coil. Width warping curriculum is max. 50 cm.
  • Patterning warp balanced 20 sheets, there is also the possibility leno weave.
  • Options patterning in the weft direction are given to 8-color weft confusion weft the texture can also be changed during weaving.
  • It is supplied burlap sample width 43-45 cm and a length of about 1.6 to 1.8 meters.

Patterning of knitted

Záta┼żného knitting technology offers authentication options workability and weft patterning on small-diameter, velkoprůmětových and flat knitting machines.

Warp knitting technology offers authentication options workability and patterning on a two třípřístrojových warp strike.

Research and development projects

One of the most important parts of the Division of research and development coordination solutions or participation in national and international research and development projects, the results are a prerequisite for the realization of production of new textiles with higher added value in the company, respectively. extending the application possibilities and thus the market for them.

SINTEX, as in recent years cooperated on research and development projects as the main coordinator and as co-author. He has practical experience in dealing with projects under programs:

  • FP6 and FP7 EU
  • EUREKA - program of international cooperation in research and development
  • Consortia Program, Impuls, Tip, Tandem MIT
  • Research Centres Ministry of Education
  • Program ALFA TAČR

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