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Resource And Process Optimization


Resource & Process Optimization are essential components to designing the sustainable organization. Minimally, the following should be assessed and developed into the overall Corporate Sustainability Strategy; energy, water,  waste to landfill, feed stocks, procurement and supply chain optimization, sustainable raw material selection and use, environmental specifications, waste-stream monetization strategies, recycling / reclamation strategies, energy use and energy generation.

MetaVu has developed a standardized approach to assessing resource and process performance.  MetaVu's 'Quattro Model' has been specifically designed to build organizational capabilities around continuous improvements in resource and process optimization:

Implications of Sustainable and Supply Chain and Process Optimization:

  • Reputational Risk - Significant potential for organizational risk exposure relating to environmental and social aspects of supplier operations.
  • Socially and Environmentally Responsible Purchasing Systems – Sufficiently sensitive to carbon liability of feedstock’s, pollution, and resource depletion, and materials for upstream value-chain applications.
  • Waste to Feedstock Applications – Innovate the supply chain to reduce waste-to-landfill societal drivers and monetize the waste stream as a feedstock.
  • Cost Reduction & Improved Efficiency –Identify opportunities within existing supply chain strategies where cost reduction can be exacted and efficiency can be improved through readily available means and / or means with minimal capital investment.
  • Energy Procurement – Oftentimes energy procurement is bifurcated within organizations to support the various businesses and divisions, though oftentimes, this creates a non-optimal process by which repetitive costs aren’t identified or contained. Additionally, long and short-term contracts can be optimized such that the procurement meets the needs of the organization while optimizing capital outlays to meet those needs.

Metavu’s experience in all aspects of resource and process optimization can make a significant contribution to your organization’s corporate sustainability strategy.

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