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Resource Recovery Solutions for Spent Potliner Recycling



Full solution for recycling of hazardous spent potliners.

Spent potliners are a waste from primary aluminium production, generated during the reduction of Alumina to Aluminum. Harsco offers a complete solution to spent potliner recycling, in partnership with Tetronics. Harsco is the service provider, Tetronics is the technology provider.

Harsco has operated Tetronics plasma technology for 20 years at Terni (Italy), procesing hazardous stainless steel dust. Click here to view video or play below. The same core technology is used in spent potliner recycling. We will process the material by plasma DC arc furnace to neutralize the hazardous components (fluoride and arsenic).

The result of the process is an environmentally stable Co-Product. The carbon contained within SPL is released within the furnace to supplement plasma power, ensuring the lowest possible energy use.

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