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Risk Analysis in Potable Water Installations Services



On 14 December 2012, with the second amendment to the [German] Potable Water Ordinance 2001, the duty to analyse large-scale systems for the heating of potable water with regard to legionella and their consequences was legally precribed to protect the health of consumers.

An annual analysis is precribed for public buildings without high-risk patients. This can be extended to three years if

  • The annual sampling has shown no irregularities three times in succession and
  • The installation complies with the 'generally recognised principles of engineering' and
  • The manner of operation of the potable water installation has seen no significant changes in relation to the examination interval, for example large areas remaining unused.

Without exception, sampling and analysis are mandatory in a 1-year cycle for public buildings such as hospitals, dialysis centres or similar facilities for 'patients with a higher risk for hospital infections'.

As before, the public health authority is still to be notified regarding the new installation of large-scale systems in public buildings – irrespective of regular analyses for legionella and the findings.

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