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Risk Assessment and Management Services

Business leaders understand as well as anyone that if nothing is offered, nothing can be gained, and that therefore risk can never be entirely eliminated. Nonetheless, the effort to minimize, or at least manage risk, has become a major focus of most corporate entities. Good business leaders understand operational risk management as an integral part of their daily responsibilities.

The risk management service can be focused on both, at operational or at business level. Operational risks are linked to production facilities and processes, although business risks are associated with brand, business reputation and continuity. CCG performs a comprehensive risk management service from risk identification, analysis and evaluation, through business strategy and risk mitigation planning.

CCG Risk Management Service includes a structured risk management process and consistent method of ranking the impacts and probability of potential operational risks. It seeks to help prioritize resource allocation and defines endorsement levels to manage levels of risk. This is also aligned with the hazard evaluation and risk assessment techniques. It covers scenario development, risk assessment, prioritization and management, and the techniques used to identify and assess risks.

Actions to manage the identified risks will be determined using the principle of continuous risk reduction and local business judgment. Risk reduction measures should be considered in the following order of preference: Elimination, Prevention, Control, Mitigation and Emergency Response. Controls should be considered to have the following order of reliability: Passive measures, Active measures, Administrative or Procedural controls.

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