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  • Risk Assessment and Management Services

    Risk Assessment and Management Services

    Business leaders understand as well as anyone that if nothing is offered, nothing can be gained, and that therefore risk can never be entirely eliminated. Nonetheless, the effort to minimize, or at least manage risk, has become a major focus of most corporate entities. Good business leaders understand operational risk management as an integral part of their daily responsibilities.

  • Crisis Management and Contingency Planning Services

    Crisis Management and Contingency Planning Services

    CCG develops response plans for a wide range of operations such as oil and gas production facilities, refineries, pipelines, storage and loading terminals, gas stations, chemical and manufacturing plants, power plants, marine vessels, and more. CCG also builds all kind of plans such as Crisis Management Plans, Incident Management Plans, Oil Spill Response Plans, Business Continuity Plans, Pandemic Response Plans and Severe Weather Response Plans.

  • Business Continuity Management Services

    Business Continuity Management Services

    BCM is a process of developing advance arrangements and procedures that enable an organization to respond to an event in such a manner that critical business functions continue without interruption or essential change. It is a business-owned, business-driven process that establishes a fit-for-purpose strategic and operational framework that:

  • Oil Spill Response Advice Services

    Oil Spill Response Advice Services

    Regularly an OSRP is a facility stand-alone contingency plan to address all issues associated with Oil Spill Response Planning and Management. Oil spill prevention, tactical plans, slick trajectory and environmental sensitivity maps are all topics frequently addressed in an OSRP.In most countries there are particular regulations and procedures that an OSRP needs to be built upon and comply with. CCG will check and apply those regulations to ensure plans...