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Risk assessment is the most important step in the risk management. It is most difficult and prone to error also. Risk assessment in its broad definition is a structured procedure that evaluate qualitatively and/or quantitatively the level of risk imposed by the hazard sources identified within the installation. In other words, risk assessment is a systematic procedure for describing and quantifying the risk associated with hazardous substance, processes, actions or events.

  • According to the provision of Rule -10 (4) of MSIHC Rules, 1989 (Amended 2000), it is mandatory for an occupier to conduct Safety Audit once in a year.
  • GCI has a team of experts which conducts the audit with standard NZ/AS 4801 IS: 14489 & BS 8800 (UK)

  • HAZOP is most widely used tool as per the standard IEC 61882 (2001).
  • GCI is equipped with the software HazOp Pro & HazOp study etc.

  • QRA provides numerical estimates to understand risk exposure to people and environment. QRA studies account for potential releases of hazardous material, their consequences (e.g., fire, toxic, explosion, etc.) and estimated frequency of occurrence.
  • GCI is having latest software like PHAST (6.53 version), PHAST PRO and SAFETI to carry out the QRA studies most efficiently

  • PSM is the Integral part of OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Standards since 1992, Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals (29 CFR 1910.119)
  • We offer PSM System, Development, Audit, Manual, Implementation and Training

  • Zero Accident Program (ZAP) 360 is behaviour based safety program aiming to achieve Zero Accident within 1 year through 360 approach in all types of organisation.
  • ZAP is benchmarking program & this Behaviour Based Safety process against best practices can help you identify opportunities for change to fully optimize your Return on Investment.

The other valuable safety programs provided by GCI are as follows

  • HAZAN (Hazard Analysis) – BY ETA and FTA
  • What If, FMECA, FMEA, HAZROP, PHA & Responsible Care
  • HIRA (Hazard identification and risk assessment technique)
  • LOPA (Layer of protection analysis)
  • Reliability Study
  • Behavior Safety Audit
  • Safety Report
  • Disaster Management Plan
  • On-site/Off-site Emergency Plan
  • Corporate HSE Programs
  • HSE Advisory Services
  • HSE Audit
  • SIL-Classification & Verification
  • Global Harmonized System (GHS)
  • Vent Sizing/Relief System Design
  • Calorimetry
  • Risk Assessment/Audit of Facility
  • Chemicals Compatibility study

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