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Risk Assessments


To prevent  exposures to the bacteria Legionella Pneumophilia, it is the duty holder's responsibility to put into place measures and controls to manage, maintain and treat the water systems within the premises of business. This will include water treatment and cleansing regimes. The Approved Code of Practice states that reviews of the water management in the form of risk assessments are carried out every two years, or following major changes to the operations of the site.

AEC's risk assessments are carried out to the latest guidance.  This includes the following:

  • Be fully site specific and should not include reference to risks not present on your site
  • A full Legionella risk assessment of the entire water system should be present and not just outlets, main tanks and water heaters
  • It should provide an accurate schematic drawing of the water system to include all pipe work and deadlegs etc.
  • It should provide a full assessment of the current Legionella awareness and management structure within the organisation and provide details of any additional training or management requirements.
  • It should provide specific recommendations regarding any remedial actions required to the water system
  • It should provide a full Legionella management regime specific to your site
  • It should determine usage of the premises and also usage of the water system in detail to highlight any low use and high risk areas.
  • It should provide both a written report and a review meeting with the assessor to ensure an understanding of the findings
  • It should be carried out by a person with minimum levels of competence and qualifications

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