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Risk Management Planning



The Clean Air Act requires the preparation of Risk Management Plans (RMPs) for facilities that maintain certain flammable or toxic materials above threshold quantities. The purpose of RMP is to reduce the likelihood and severity of accidental releases, and to establish appropriate responses if a release does occur. HRP's professional environmental engineering consultants have helped many manufacturers in the hot water heater, chemical, form board, food storage container, and food processing sectors meet RMP requirements both domestically and internationally.

HRP can develop or review and renew your RMP and ensure that it includes an adequate:

  • Hazard assessment to identify the potential effects of a release (worst and alternative case release scenarios)
  • Prevention program including appropriate safety precautions and monitoring
  • Emergency response program to address accidental releases and make proper notification

HRP can also help you:

  • Determine if RMP requirements are applicable to your operation
  • Confirm the specific program level that applies
  • Integrate your RMP requirement with Process Safety Management planning
  • Determine your deadline for an RMP audit
  • Assist with any required federal electronic notifications

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