EnviroChemie GmbH

- Competent Water Management in Wastewater and Recycling Water Technology


Nine EnviroChemie water experts are entrusted with the water management project with Schott AG in Mainz and are available 24/7. The team consists of engineers, technicians, laboratory technicians, chemical engineers, supply and disposal contractors.


Benefits for the customer

  • competent, holistic solution from a single source
  • maximum availability
  • economic advantages compared with self-management
  • guaranteed water and wastewater quality

The company premises cover approx. 300,000 m² with five different manufacturing areas, each having different requirements concerning the water supply and disposal systems.

  • Ceran
  • Robax
  • Optical glass
  • Hollow glass production
  • Fibre optics

The EnviroChemie team guarantees for smooth operation

with well water: 7 plants with a capacity of 4,500 m³/d
Technical management of the well water regeneration process as well as chemical, physical and microbial monitoring of well water

Dealkalisation: one plant with a capacity of 2,800 m³/d
Operation of a fast dealkalisation plant, maintenance, servicing, process servicing, analytics

DI water: 6 plants with a capacity of 360 m³/d
Centralised and decentralised DI water supply by means of reverse osmosis and ion exchange

Recycling water: 2 plants with a capacity of 5,000 m³/d
Chemico-physical treatment, removal of water compounds such as heavy metals, sludge cycle

Cooling lubricant: 5 plants, 850 m³/d
Cooling lubricant treatment with chemico-physical treatment plant and filtration plant, monitoring of concentration, corrosion and microbiological contamination, legally prescribed documentation TRGS 611 (TRGS = Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances)

Cooling water: 19 plants, 25 MW
Feeding and monitoring of open and closed cooling circuits, analysis of corrosion, concentration and sewers introduction parameters

Wastewater: 4 plants with a capacity of 150 m³/d
Chemico-physical treatment of wastewater from glass fibre production, chemico-physical treatment of wastewater from glass surface treatment with high cooling lubricant contamination, neutralisation of wastewater from laboratories

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