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Seismic Data Acquisition Services



Geofizyka Toruń (GT), established in 1966, delivers seismic data acquisition services to the energy exploration industry worldwide. GT operates up to 10 seismic crews and secures all aspects of seismic operations. Areas of activity include: prospecting conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon deposits, geothermal energy reservoirs and underground storages in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our performance and expertise has been recognized by oil majors such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and ConocoPhillips.

Each project is approached individually and is conducted with the use of solutions tailored to the needs of specific exploration tasks. Thanks to professional staff, state-of-the-art technology and operational know-how, complex seismic surveys are executed in a safe and timely manner with limited footprint on local communities and the natural environment.

Scope of Seismic Data Acquisition Services:

  • Onshore Seismic and Transition Zone
  • Multi-line 2D Seismic Surveys
  • Large-scale 3D Seismic Campaigns
  • Multicomponent (3C) Seismic
  • High-Resolution Seismic Studies

Aspects of Seismic Operations Provided:

  • Survey Design & Pre-Planning
  • Pre-Permitting & Permitting
  • GIS & Surveying
  • Data Acquisition
  • Quality Control & In-field Processing

Putting High Standards Into Practice
GT is strongly committed to providing services of the highest quality that fully meet client’ expectations. At the same time a series of safety measures are undertaken aimed at both, providing a safe and healthy workplace as well as limiting the impact of field operations on local communities and the natural environment. These priorities are of equal importance and form the core foundations upon which the corporate culture is based.

Our values are expressed in the Strategy of Responsible Business and Sustainable Development integrated into operational planning and actively promoted by top management. Guidelines are regularly updated in order to incorporate valuable experience and to match current challenges. As a result, work safety, environmental considerations, respect for local communities and business partners are fully taken into account.

Continuous improvement of our QHSE Management System based on OGP/IAGC guidelines resulted in certification to international standards: ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Assurance, ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Protection and OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety. This approach is not limited to written procedures, but is rather focused on promoting employees’ awareness and engagement.

Respecting Local Communities
Execution of seismic surveys is particularly challenging in urban, agricultural and environmentally protected areas due to concerns of local societies, ongoing farming activities and access restrictions. Experience from numerous projects in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Denmark and other European countries have enabled GT to develop a comprehensive approach to seismic field operations in densely populated areas based on:

  • informative campaigns prior to and during field operations to secure support of local communities
  • infield survey design adjustments in order to facilitate entry permits
  • onsite PPV monitoring to allow data acquisition in residential areas and nearby historical sites
  • application of mini-vibs and wireless data acquisition systems to minimize survey footprint
  • strict HSE measures to ensure that no harm is done to neither people or the natural environment

Preserving The Natural Environment
Our mission is to provide geophysical services in a manner that guarantees respect for the natural environment. No matter how complex and diverse, whether it is the White Desert Protected Area in Egypt, Sanjay National Park in India or the Natura-2000 Nature Reserves in Germany, GT ensures that the impact of seismic operations is kept to a minimum through implementation of a series of measures, including:

  • enforcement of guidelines from the corresponding Environmental Impact Assessment
  • survey schedule adapted to environmental restrictions such as bird breeding seasons
  • encouraged engagement of environmental authorities in both, survey planning and execution
  • personnel urged to take extra cautions when approaching biotopes and other sensitive areas
  • application of alternative energy sources in case of restricted access for heavy equipment

Overcoming Harsh Conditions
Desert conditions possess great challenge to seismic field operations. Great temperature amplitudes, tricky sand dunes and desert storms, cultural differences, as well as logistic and communication problems arising from the lack of infrastructure significantly hamper exploration activities.

GT owns and operates seismic equipment suitable for execution of large-scale desert seismic campaigns. Yet, more importantly, GT also has invaluable experience gained from seismic projects successfully completed in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia vital for overcoming the most demanding desert conditions.

Diversified environments of various challenges and risks include also transition zones. With the use of various energy sources like vibroseis, explosives and air guns, dedicated sensors as well as optical data transmission devices GT acquires valuable seismic data in river deltas, fjords and lakes.

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