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Based on almost 30 years of experience BTA International provides: Engineering services and know-how: Process engineering for the BTA Process. Detailed engineering for individual plant sections (e.g. digesters). Support for purchase (technical specifications, evaluation of offers, recommendations). Support at assembly. Support during start-up (start-up plan, cold start-up, process supervision). Support during operation (consultancy, technical inspections, maintenance contracts).


2. Supply of key components

  • BTA Waste Pulper
  • BTA Grit Removal System
  • BTA Control System
  • for anaerobic digestion
  • for composting
  • for process water management

3. Complete waste pre-treatment systems

  • Pre-treatment systems on the basis of the BTA Hydromechanical Pre-treatment
  • Wet mechanical pre-treatment systems for biowaste, commercial and food residues
  • Wet mechanical pre-treatment systems for co-digestion with agricultural residues
  • Wet mechanical pre-treatment systems for co-digestion with sewage sludge
  • Wet mechanical pre-treatment systems for MBTs

4. Digestion systems for anaerobic treatment of the organic waste fraction

  • Design und detail engineering of the anaerobic digestion step
  • Design & build of methane reactors
  • Equipment for the digesters (gas mixing system, heat exchanger)
  • Planning and erection of digesters including equipments

5. Turnkey plants compliant with the BTA Process

  • Turnkey wet pre-treatment systems
  • Turnkey anaerobic digestion steps
  • Turnkey plants (M&E)

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