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Site characterization studies of potential or existing sites for isolating radioactive or other wastes require careful program design and planning, methodical plan implementation, accurate and thorough fieldwork, and detailed analysis of the site characterization data that is collected. INTERA's experience includes planning and implementing geological and hydrogeological testing programs for radioactive waste disposal facilities around the globe. We are internationally recognized for our expertise in designing, managing, and conducting geologic formation testing programs and have developed and employed some of the most technologically advanced testing equipment and interpretive software in the world.

INTERA also brings over 30 years of experience in the development and application of analytical and numerical codes for analyzing site characterization data. Our scientists and engineers have developed advanced tools that include well-test interpretation software; three-dimensional variable-density dual-porosity numeric flow, heat, and solute transport simulators; and codes for solving the inverse problem of groundwater flow in a probabilistic framework.

Our site characterization services include:

  • Test plan design
  • Hydraulic and tracer testing in deep boreholes
  • Advanced well-test interpretation
  • Hydrogeologic testing in underground research laboratories
  • Geochemical analysis and modeling

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