McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc.

Site Remediation Services

MEI provides comprehensive environmental remediation field services.  MEI routinely performs facility demolition, decontamination and closures, tank and pipe decontamination, underground storage tank removal, tank cleanings, mold removal, drum recovery and removals, installation of caps and covers, leachate collection systems, hazardous and residual waste removals, waste stabilization, sludge removals, impoundment closures, PCB decontamination and removals, Mercury cleanups, wastewater treatment and site specific techniques to provide complete waste management.  Cleanout of clarifiers, digesters, grit chamber and other storage or process containers are services used by both the private and public sectors.  Construction of impoundments, wastewater treatment facilities, including upgrades and expansions, truck cleaning facilities and other projects related to the management of waste are performed by MEI skilled craftsmen.

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