Solid Waste & Landfills Services



WESTON knows the challenges associated with operating, maintaining, and expanding municipal solid waste operations. Our goal is to achieve regulatory compliance, establish economically feasible solutions to complex regulations, evaluate the economics (maximize air space, minimize cost, and limit liabilities), and evaluate the overall effect on the community. We have provided communities throughout the country with sensible solutions to most of the waste management issues facing municipalities today.

WESTON provides Landfill and Solid Waste Management Services ranging from establishing an overall program for landfill construction and solid waste management to opportunity assessments and implementation.

WESTON helps municipalities establish policies and programs that will:

  • Reduce the amount of solid waste generated and sent to local landfills.
  • Support environmentally sound management of solid waste.
  • Promote fiscally sound practices supported by ongoing planning and performance tracking.
  • An integrated approach focused on site closure, maximizing safe and efficient work completion.
  • Defined performance-based standards, enabling WESTON to deliver consistent, milestone-based results to our clients.
  • Remedial experts who can identify, assess, design, construct, and operate innovative remedial technologies to cost-effectively achieve clean-up objectives.
  • Cost savings from our emphasis on innovative technologies. WESTON has saved our clients more than $150 million through the application of innovative remedial technologies and approaches.
  • Smart disposal by identifying and implementing cost-effective disposal, recycling, and beneficial reuse strategies.

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