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Aztech Technologies Inc.

SONIC Drilling Applications



Aztech’s new SONIC Technology operates three times faster and generates 33% less waste. This translates into lower project costs for you and your clients. Aztech is so pleased with the performance of our new custom built sonic drill rig. Specially fabricated in Vancouver, Canada and delivered to Aztech’s headquarters in Ballston Spa, New York, the rig provides full size sonic capabilities on a compact, all terrain platform. The result is a rig capable of providing the most efficient and powerful type of drilling available. Our geologists, engineers and our clients have been truly amazed.

The greatest advantages of sonic drilling technology are:

  • Speed, speed, speed, almost 3-times-faster than traditional rigs.
  • Excels in difficult formations.
  • Reduction of investigation derived wastes.
  • Reduction of onsite labor.
  • 600 feet drilling capability.
  • Highly representative discrete core samples.
  • Continuously extract core samples.
  • Minimal amount of disturbance or compaction.

Aztech utilizes this equipment on projects such as in- situ chemical injection applications, monitoring well installations, geologic assessments, geotechnical surveys, water supply investigation, and geothermal well installations.

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