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Whether the challenge is identifying watersheds vulnerable to pesticide exposure or determining the onsite wastewater treatment capacity of a new neighborhood development, or understanding the volume of food scraps available to supply composting sites or where can proposed wind towers be seen from, spatial analysis using GIS enables the integration of complex data sets to support environmental decision making.

Stone Environmental has extensive experience working with the full spectrum of data sets, including national and local level land cover (NLCD), soils (SSURGO, STATSGO), topography (NED), and hydrography (NHD). Our team has earned a strong reputation for developing spatial analysis methods that yield the deepest insights into the issues being studied. These include techniques for identifying unsuitable areas for onsite wastewater treatment, determining environmental restrictions on growth, and selecting water bodies most susceptible to agrochemical exposure. We've conducted analyses for hundreds of projects in the US, as well as in Canada and the EU, and for countries as far-flung as New Zealand and Indonesia.

We are expert in the following spatial analysis sectors and are equally versed in applying the techniques in others:

  • • Watershed analysis and modeling
  • • 3-D visualization
  • • Redistricting
  • • Multi-factor screening and analysis
  • • Network/service territory analysis
  • • Groundwater contaminant tracking

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