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Supply Chain Sustainability (CSR) Management Service


The Supply Chain forms an integral part of an organization’s core business. An organization’s Sustainability Strategy ought to engage its suppliers in its corporate policies as they are key influencers on how responsible the organization operates and is perceived. By engaging the Supply Chain in your efforts, organizations build trusting and long-term partnerships. Moreover they succeed in raising awareness and transparency at an operational level and reduce corporate risk.

CSE uses practical methodologies based on high level international standards, frameworks and guidelines to increase responsible supply chain management. By aligning the sustainability strategy with supply chain management, operational behavior, process design, and supplier awareness perform above and beyond expectation.

Supply Chain Sustainability Management Services include:

  • Creation of Supply Chain Code of Conduct based on International Guidelines (e.g UN Global Compact)
  • Sustainability criteria for suppliers based on International Labour Organization (ILO), UN Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO 26000 and other guidelines
  • Life Cycle Assessments
  • Webinars and Assessment tools for increasing awareness on Supply Chain issues

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