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Surface Water Monitoring Services



Between the edge of a farm field and a downstream water treatment plant is a network of drainage ditches and streams. We monitor the water and biota in these perennial streams to assess the potential impact of pesticides on aquatic animals and plants. We conduct stream sampling at this intermediate scale, where environmental concentrations of a pesticide need to be measured for comparison with ecotoxicological levels of concern.

Stone conducts probabilistic assessments to identify stream reaches where pesticide concentrations are predicted to exceed regulatory levels of concern. We use several models (SWAT, WARP, PRZM/EXAMS) in combination with GIS to target certain reaches for monitoring on the basis of product use, crop, meteorological, soils, and other data. We instrument sampling stations with autosamplers and flow monitoring equipment, or rely on a schedule of grab sampling, with flow data derived from public sources. No standard exists in the pesticide fate field for surface water monitoring studies; therefore, Stone is particularly interested in working creatively with registrants to formulate solid experiment designs.

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