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Clean Harbors can successfully clean your most difficult tanks. Serving numerous industries, municipalities and utility companies, we are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of cleaning from 10-gallon acid neutralization tanks for medical and biotechnology companies to six million gallon 240-foot diameter refinery tanks.

  • Wastewater treatment neutralization
  • Tank maintenance and inspection
  • Fuel oil tank cleaning
  • Utility manhole and vault cleaning
  • Tank and vessel cleaning during decommissioning and industrial renovations
  • Large-scale tank cleaning

Clean Harbors performs wastewater treatment
neutralization tank service for industrial, research and development facilities to comply with wastewater discharge regulations. Old media is removed and the tank is cleaned. Media is replenished to allow for continued compliance with strict wastewater discharges.

Clean Harbors maintains and cleans process vessels and tanks for various industries. Process vessel inspection and equipment repair are all part of our preventative maintenance to keep your equipment operating properly.

We clean fuel oil tanks of various sizes from tanks in residential settings to those in large fuel distribution facilities. Fuel tanks are entered and cleaned for preventative maintenance, removal of built-up sludge, and during decommissioning of fuel tanks at fuel terminals and distribution centers.

Major utility companies contract with Clean Harbors to enter and clean utility manholes and vaults. Manholes and utility vaults are entered, sludge and debris are removed, and the manhole or vault is power washed clean to ensure the safety of the utility workers during inspections and maintenance. Learn more about our service for the Utility industry.

Clean Harbors enters and cleans tanks during decommissioning and renovation projects for industrial facilities. Tanks, which may contain hazardous acids, caustics, chemicals and various product vessels, are entered and cleaned for safe disposal or movement to another location.

Clean Harbors provides waste minimization and resource recovery technologies including centrifuges, filter presses, dredges, and thermal treatment and drying units that are mobilized to your job site to process large multi-million gallon tanks. Utilizing specialized equipment and unique chemical treatment, Clean Harbors can substantially reduce your costs for transportation and disposal of tank waste. Learn more about our material processing and on-site dewatering and pressing services.

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