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Gannett Fleming provides integrated water resource services that protect and sustain the quality and availability of the world's water supplies. Known for sound financial planning and groundbreaking technology, we are consistently ranked among the top 20 U.S. water engineering firms. Our asset management expertise ranges from water and wastewater system management in Malaysia to ground-breaking 3-D building information modeling design of treatment plants in the U.S.

Gannett Fleming water and wastewater engineers achieve cutting-edge and practical designs. Our award-winning efforts include one of the largest membrane water treatment plants in the eastern U.S. and a high-capacity wastewater treatment plant eliminating toxicity in New York’s Long Island Sound. We are leaders in alternative project delivery systems and nutrient reduction methods to improve water quality.

Active community participants, our professionals serve local, state, national, and international organizations. Gene Koontz is currently serving as a vice president of the American Water Works Association. A Gannett Fleming wastewater engineer, Tony Elberti routinely enjoys the great outdoors.

We focus on resource conservation and green initiatives. Gannett Fleming has planned, designed, and managed the construction of hundreds of treatment plants and pumping stations ranging in size from 0.1 to 400 million gallons per day. Our energy recovery efforts include reusing biogas as a fuel for wastewater treatment applications.

Our project portfolio includes thousands of miles of water and sewer systems and multi-use drinking water storage tanks. We also minimize impacts on communities and ecosystems through sustainable stormwater management solutions.

  • Planning
  • Supply Development
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Reuse
  • Biosolids and Residuals Management
  • Water Transmission/Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection/ Conveyance
  • Controls and Instrumentation
  • Extraction and Impoundment
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • 3-D Building Information Modeling

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