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Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management Services


ECO owns and operates Singapore's largest toxic and hazardous waste treatment facility. Our SINGLAS accredited laboratory, fully staffed with qualified chemists and deploying a range of advanced testing systems, first determines the best and most environmentally sound treatment method for the customer's specific waste streams. Depending on customer requirements, this may include recycling in high technology recovery facilities, treatment to render the material harmless, or total destruction of the material.

Prompt and reliable collection
ECO's fleet of specialized collection vehicles and personnel works 24/7 to ensure your hazardous waste is collected, safely, when you need it to be. We have the technology, expertise, and equipment to handle virtually all categories of hazardous waste .

Advanced technologies for the safe recovery, treatment, and disposal of toxic waste
ECO's on site recovery and treatment facilities include two large hazardous waste incinerators using European and Japanese technology, Singapore's largest solvent recovery distillation units, thermal FCE and SS wastewater treatment systems, waste oil recovery facility, cementation, metal recovery system, physical-chemical treatment, and wood chip fired cogeneration facility producing steam and power. We also have bulk storage facility for hazardous liquid, solid, and sludge wastes, ensuring we can handle major surges in waste from our customers.

See our Integrated facility in action for yourself
ECO's various facilities are fully integrated, recovering material and energy from multiple complex waste streams and rendering harmless what remains. ECO's innovative approach to waste treatment and resource management has made us one of the premier companies in Asia in this field. We invite our current and prospective customers to visit us anytime to see for yourself.

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