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- Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Trautwein winery produces a wide range of wines and juices. The production process results in wastewater that has to undergo treatment before it can be discharged into the sewage system. For this reason, a Biomar ASBx anaerobic wastewater treatment plant has been installed.

Performance Data
Capacity:     1150 m³/d (max. 10 m³/h)
Inflow into wastewater treatment plant
COD     Max. 2.5 t/d, 16,700mg/l
COD/BOD5     < 2
Outflow from wastewater treatment plant
COD     < 560 mg/l
BOD5     < 280 mg/l
Commissioning     October 2008

Biomar ASBx wastewater treatment plant for the Trautheim winery in Lonsheim, Germany

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