Navarra S.p.A.

Navarra S.p.A.

Waste Collection And Transport Services


The Company collects and transports both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, following the Italian Road Code and environmental rules.The appropriate vehicles are chosen depending on the waste transported. Periodic maintenance routines are carried out on the vehicles in order to guarantee their perfect efficiency.Each transportation requires its own documentation, following the in force rules.Hazardous waste transportation is signaled by appropriate panels.

Collection and transport of hazardous waste under ADR law.
The company owns all the formal requisites contemplated in the international law for hazardous waste transportation (commonly ADR law): ADR classification of hazardous waste; use of technically suitable vehicles and of qualified drivers; use of ADR suitable tip-up containers, officially licensed by M.C.T.C.; use of specific panels following ADR directions; ONU homologated packing; drawing up of the necessary documents prescribed by the law.

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