Hydro-Logic Services

Hydro-Logic Services

Water Level



As specialist hydrometric engineers, HLS have years of practical water level measurement experience for the effective management of surface and groundwater resources, drainage and wastewater.

We offer a wide choice of measurement and data collection methods including:

  • Manual dipping of wells and boreholes
  • Gauge boards and datum points
  • Peak-level gauges for flood monitoring
  • Continuous level monitoring systems
  • Telemetry alarm systems for flood warning and drainage control
  • Level to storage or flow conversion systems
  • Flow gauge rating analysis
  • Calibration and maintenance of measurement systems
  • Training in operation and maintenance.

Typical water-level sensor applications include:

  • Large diameter stilling well installations for float-weight driven shaft-encoders
  • Low-cost depth pressure-transmitters for wells and boreholes
  • ATEX approved depth pressure sensors for mining and landfill leachate monitoring
  • ATEX certified level alarm systems for sewerage and CSO level monitoring
  • Non-contact ultrasonic and radar level sensors
  • High-accuracy depth pressure sensors for flow gauging stations
  • Data logger and telemetry infrastructure.

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