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  • Field Hydrometry Services

  • Continuous Flow Measurement Services

    Continuous Flow Measurement Services

    Hydro-Logic Services is acknowledged as the UK’s leading independent hydrometric specialists, with particular expertise in open channel flow measurement techniques.

  • Spot Flow Measurement Services

    Spot Flow Measurement Services

    Spot flow gauging involves the measurement of the discharge, at a given location, at a point in time. The techniques required for spot flow gauging vary depending upon the size and nature of the watercourse. Our experienced staff will select the best technique and equipment for your site to ensure high quality data is collected, every time.

  • Water Level

    Water Level

    As specialist hydrometric engineers, HLS have years of practical water level measurement experience for the effective management of surface and groundwater resources, drainage and wastewater.

  • Water Resources Monitoring Services

    Water Resources Monitoring Services

    The provision of hydrometric services to water companies for water resources management is one of the most active areas of work for HLS. The data that we collect are used to both manage reserves and to ensure compliance with environmental and regulatory standards. Our largest long term monitoring contract is for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW), where we operate a network of over 130 sites, of which about 100...

  • Consulting Hydrometry

  • Continuous Flow Measurement

    Continuous Flow Measurement

    HLS staff have a particular specialism in the feasibility, design, installation and operation of continuous flow monitoring sites. We have supported our clients in obtaining cost effective, accurate and reliable continuous flow data in a wide range of situations both in the UK and overseas.

  • Flood Services

  • Flood Risk Assessment Services

    Flood Risk Assessment Services

    Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) are a formal requirement to support many planning applications in the UK.  Specific requirements apply in England, Wales and Scotland, but in general, FRAs need to demonstrate whether a proposed development is likely to be affected by any type of flooding and whether it will increase flooding elsewhere.

  • Water Resource

  • Water Resource Planning Services

    Water Resource Planning Services

    The elements that define water resources include the quantity and quality aspects of flowing waters, groundwater, and impounded waters and their different uses. The availability of fresh water resources varies in time and place in response to environmental, economic and legislative constraints.