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AQMS EverDAS system is an intelligent comprehensive system adopting technology of network of environmental things, modern measuring technology, automatic controlling technology and computer technology. The system will promptly and accurately perceive the air environmental quality and equipment operation status, by measurement, acquisition, transmission, analysis, evaluation, application and release of the environmental data. The system helps environmental monitoring department to evaluate the regional air quality, release air quality information, and asses pollution control etc. The system provides data basis for decision-making of a cost-effective air pollution treatment.

  • The system, real-time monitoring the main station and substation, could acquire the data of CO, CO2, SO2, H2S, NO (NO2, NOX), NH3, O3, PM10, PM2.5, etc., and could real-time display regional pollution data, display images, and display historical data (in seconds) at any interval.
  • The system could access and export pollution graphs of any sub-station instruments hours, daily, weekly, monthly or as user-defined.
  • The system could be connected to multiple sub-stations and manage the data.
  • Allowed to query and export daily, weekly, and monthly average reports of any sub-station at any time, including the max., min., average, number of samples, etc.

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