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City Environmental Managers need to address particularly complex atmospheric dispersal issues related to the diversity of the urban landscape and road traffic emissions. To answer this question, they use a 3D digital representation of the urban environment (roads, topography, buildings) that allows the effects of confinement of the various obstacles to be taken into account. Urban data is usually grouped by the city in a geographic information system (GIS). ESRI ArcGIS Desktop is one of the most popular products. ARIA City fully supports ArcGIS 'data storage standards and graphical tools by providing a direct and simplified link to models for calculating the impact of atmospheric emissions.

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Modeling of air quality under ArcGis environment

  • Design, creation or modification of expressways with high traffic density, tunnel exits, exit points of ventilation systems (parking, metro ...), limitation of traffic on existing tracks

Coherence of seizures and choice:

  • Geographical data relating to the studied site: topography, land use, buildings, location of weather stations
  • Basic elements of the problem: field of study, choice of layout or intervention, flow of emitting vehicles (light vehicles, light commercial vehicles, two wheels, heavy goods vehicles), other sources of emissions (industrial or domestic)
  • Calculating emissions from vehicle flow and fleet data: using the TREFIC model
  • Of the model of computation considered: Gaussian model (ARIA Impact), model Lagrangian with particles (MSS), model of complete mechanics of fluids (Code_SATURNE)

Spatial scale : from the neighborhood scale to that of the agglomeration (of any shape)

Topography : use of a shapefile file corresponding to level curves or integration of the default data integrated into ARIA City (USGS in 100 m steps)

Land cover : defined by means of a Geotiff type raster file integrating the Corine Land Cover classification or by the integrated data by default in ARIA City (ENVISAT at 300m resolution)

Obstacles / Buildings : shapefile file containing polygons of some shape

Meteorological data

  • Time series acquired by a weather station
  • Possibility of importing several weather stations

Emissions data

  • Description of pollutants (gases, particles, odors)
  • Emission values and characteristics of point sources (industries), linear (traffic), surface or volume (domestic heating, diffuse VOC emission, etc.)
  • Monthly, weekly or hourly variations for each source, or by defining particular periods
  • Vertical meteorological profiles calculated from measured ground data

Dispersion model

  • Choice between a rectilinear Gaussian dispersion model (AIM), a Lagragian particle model (MSS) or a CFD model (Code_Saturne)
  • Dry or wet deposition calculations


  • Automatic generation of result cards with ArcGIS ArcMAP
  • Selection of species
  • Modification of the display properties (iso-values, colored surfaces, color gradients ...) with ArcMAP
  • Possibility of temporal animations (for the calculations with the codes of computation MSS and Code_Saturne)
  • Export values at the receiving points
  • Mapping of wind fields
  • Time Series
  • Export tabular data

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