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ARIA Impact3D is a software allowing industrialists to know the chronic impact of their installation on air quality by simulating real or virtual emission scenarios. It simulates in 3D the atmospheric dispersion of pollutants (gaseous or particulate) from channelized and fugitive sources taking into account in detail the topography, the effect of buildings, and several simultaneous meteorological data on the ground and at altitude, in particular meteorological profiles measured or planned. ARIA Impact3D is intended for industrialists, design offices and local authorities involved in the monitoring of industrial zones. It is a detailed chronic risk assessment software that integrates a 3D Lagrangian dispersion module.

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Modeling of air pollution surrounding industries

  • Realization of studies (diagnostics, preparation, supervision) as part of campaigns to improve air quality
  • Planning and development of pollution control strategies
  • Realization of calculations and maps of the emissions of atmospheric pollutants on a district, a city or a region
  • Simulation of atmospheric dispersions of all pollutants measured by the air quality monitoring networks in the study area
  • Determining the contribution of each emission source

  • Compatibility with ARIA Impact
  • 2D or 3D emission scenarios for the study of remarkable episodes
  • 3D simulation of weather conditions to study past episodes or predict future episodes
  • Possibility of simulations on a flexible time step (between 1 hour and several years)
  • Ability to be inserted as an engine in the ARIA View TM system , allowing to produce in real time a detailed mapping of the impact of an industrial site

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