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ARIA Local models up to a very small scale the pollution problems in urban and industrial areas (chronic and accidental releases) taking into account the obstacles (buildings, relief ...). ARIA Local can also be used for applications in micro-meteorology (wind sites, engineering structures) or inside buildings (clean rooms, controlled atmosphere areas, etc.). ARIA Local is a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculation tool dedicated to the atmospheric environment, modeling of flow, turbulence and atmospheric dispersion.

Small scale dispersion

  • Precise modeling of flow, including obstacles, and topography (wind effect on built sites, micrositting to assess wind potential ...)
  • Small Scale Dispersion Modeling Including Obstacles, Release or Light, High Pulse Jet
  • Precise modeling of the flow of fluids for various applications: study of the effects of wind on structures, micrositting for the evaluation of wind potential ('OUTDOOR'), characterization of air flows in confined space ('INDOOR')
  • Simulation of most atmospheric physical phenomena that appear at the local scale (taking into account the atmospheric boundary layer, specific turbulence model, microphysical water, ...)
  • Calculation, for different types of sources (instantaneous or continuous, point, surface or volume), of the dispersion of polluting gases, heavy or light, of multiple origins (car traffic, industry, accident, ...)

  • Full CFD applied to atmospheric physics (tested, validated, respecting the rules of Quality Assurance). It is particularly well suited to deal with small scale atmospheric releases and also has several types of turbulence closures
  • Existence of many pre and post processors
  • Cartesian or curvilinear coordinates ('terrain following') on structured and unstructured meshes
  • Allows stationary or transient calculations on a small scale (a few meters to a few km) by integrating the relief and the buildings present on the site
  • Parametrization of the microphysics of water by the KESSLER scheme (condensation, re-evaporation, autoconversion, capture)
  • Allows to carry out very diverse studies: studies of impact on the quality of the air of new installations or new urban developments (peripherals, stadiums, streets ...), studies for the sector of the defense (missiles firing, definition of protection zones ...) or studies of interior air circulation (ventilation of buildings ...)

Spatial scale : areas from 100 m to 5 km apart, including if necessary a detailed description of the obstacles on a 3D mesh, as well as the topography.

Meteorological inputs : definition of a set of case studies.

Emissions inputs : detailed description of emissions (flow, velocity, turbulence, composition) at each node of a 3D mesh.

Possible use of EMITRA for calculating car traffic emissions and ATRCOD for source term evaluation in the case of accidental releases.

Meteorological model

complete resolution of Navier-Stokes equations

Dispersion model

Eulerian dispersion model MERCURE, SATURN or GEDEON coupled with flow turbulence

Taking into account jet and liquid phase problems, sedimentation of dust.

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