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- Comprehensive System for Analyzing and Forecasting Regional Software


ARIA Regional is a comprehensive system for analyzing and forecasting regional and urban air pollution for gaseous and particulate pollutants (primary and secondary). It includes a set of modules to assess and manage emissions of pollutants from all sources: industries, traffic, natural sources, domestic sources ... Used in diagnostic mode, it allows to understand past pollution episodes . In forward-looking mode, it makes it possible to test the impact of measures intended to improve the air quality (urban transport plan, limitation of discharges, modification of the rolling stock, limitation of industrial discharges, composition of fuels, etc.) . In forecast mode, through the use of a medium-scale weather forecast model.

Regional air pollution analysis and forecasting

  • Forecast Mode: Predict Regional Air Pollution (O 3 , NOx, SO 2 , PM)
  • Comprehensive regional air pollution analysis and prediction system for primary and secondary pollutants
  • Test and analyze the impact of measures intended to improve air quality (alternating circulation, speed limitation, reduction of industrial emissions, fuels, etc.)
  • Prospective mode: determine the contribution of each polluting source (industry, traffic) to prioritize measurements
  • Diagnostic mode: understanding pollution episodes in the past

  • Prediction module for air quality
  • Centralization of all information concerning the air quality and the characteristics of the site
  • Connection to databases of air quality monitoring networks
  • 3D consultation module of data and results
  • Generation and updates of complete emissions cadastres with detailed description of the sources
  • 3D reconstruction module for wind, turbulence and temperature fields, regardless of air quality
  • Choice between different 3D dispersion modules: non-reactive or photochemical mode
  • Data export in different formats: NetCDF, KML ...

Spatial scale : Domains of 30 to 300 km of side

Meteorological data : all measurements available on the ground or at altitude, outputs of large scale models (ECMWF, ARPEGE, GFS (NCEP))

Emissions data : emissions for all standardized species (CO, NOx, SO 2 , VOC, PM, NH 3 ) from large industrial point sources (GSP), linear sources (traffic segments, etc.), surface areas ( domestic heating, biogenic, ...)

Management of SNAP categories and VOC speciations

Monthly, weekly and hourly time modulations for each category

Meteorological model

In SWIFT Weather Assimilation Model diagnostic mode, in MERCURE model prediction mode, MM5 and WRF (with or without assimilation).

Dispersion model

Eulerian type dispersion model: CHIMERE and FARM in reactive or non reactive mode, gaseous or particulate. Lagrangian type dispersion model: SPRAY.

Forecast Model

CHIMERE reactive model, FARM Eulerian model and Lagrangian SPRAY model.

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