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ARIA Risk is a 3D software for evaluating industrial risks related to the dispersion of toxic gases (storage accident, pipeline rupture, fire fumes, etc.). It allows mapping instantaneous or integrated concentrations (comparison with threshold values: lethal or irreversible effects) and safety distances (circles of danger ...). ARIA Risk is based on 3D calculation modules for meteorology and dispersion (puff or particle model) and takes into account the very complex topography, the effect of the buildings and the weak winds.

Impact of dispersions related to industrial risks

  • Evaluation of the source term (accident)
  • Determination of danger zones based on 3D fields (topography, several weather stations)

  • Taking into account real weather data for several sources
  • Availability of relatively short calculation time modules depending on the problem to be solved
  • Taking into account simple, academic or very complex meteorological situations depending on the modules used
  • Taking into account calm winds
  • Taking into account wind shear effects
  • Taking into account topography and roughness
  • Taking into account obstacles (function of the model used)
  • Taking into account variable emissions
  • 4D calculation: 3D mesh and temporal evolution
  • Multi species issues
  • Model leak
  • Calculation of deposits

Spatial scale : Domains from 500 m to 50 km side, with a representation of the topography

Meteorological data : Meteorological data in one or more sites, punctual or profiles (weather masts)

Emission data :

  • Description of species emitted and their thermodynamic characteristics (product database)
  • Construction and Use of Full Tank Flow Throughput Scenarios (ATRCOD)
  • Spot emissions with rapid variation of hazardous products

Meteorological model

SWIFT weather assimilation model, with detailed consideration of topography (terrain, roughness)

Dispersion model

Lagrangian dispersion model with TRAMES trajectories and puffs taking into account gases heavier than air or Lagrangian particle model SPRAY

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