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- Air Quality Monitoring System


ARIA View is a continuous modeling air quality monitoring system that allows manufacturers to monitor real-time air quality over and around a site to regularly inform authorities and residents of the impact of industrial activity on their atmospheric environment. ARIA View also allows production managers to predict future air quality at the site based on weather conditions and forecast emissions, and to respond accordingly. ARIA View uses the Parallel Micro-SWIFT-SPRAY (PMSS) software. Connected online to meteorological sensors and / or emissions, it is therefore a real air quality management system.

Tool for continuous monitoring of industrial site discharges (pollutants, odors ...)

  • Offers a 'real-time' air quality tracking tool at the top and around a given site
  • Provides a 'real-time' mapping of the impact of industrial discharges through an online connection to different data (emissions, meteorology, ambient air concentrations)
  • Allows you to view the program history on a chosen time step

  • Continuous monitoring of air quality parameters on and around the site
  • Automatic reports and statistics
  • 2D or 3D 'real time' calculations
  • Taking into account the building
  • Follow-up from continuous, semi-continuous and / or one-off measurements at the broadcast

Spatial scale : areas from 100 m to 50 km side.

Meteorological data : series of hourly or tri-hourly measurements from a weather station, a particular meteorological situation or weather model outputs.

Emissions data : continuous emission measurements. Consideration of emission factors with temporal modulations (monthly, weekly and hourly, for each category).

Meteorological model

SWIFT meteorological assimilation model with detailed consideration of topography (terrain, roughness). Update of the weather fields at each new measurement deadline (typically 10-30 minutes).

Dispersion model

3 models available: 2D Gaussian model, Lagrangian 3D model with or without obstacles.

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