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- Version MiniSoftWin™ - Professional Analysis Software - sold only with the ATS flame photometers


ATS MiniSoftWin is a proprietary software specifically developed for use with ATS HPFP flame photometers to perform automatically the analysis under specific methods and archive and/or print reports without the need of transcription. This permits easy method development via PC keyboard allowing for final analytical data to be graphically displayed, mathematically adjusted, and final report print-out. The additional module of the ATS AutoSampler Wizard permits the ATS MiniSoftWin software to extend its capability for full system integration of the ATS LabAssistant System.

  • Automates functions from ATS High Performance Flame Photometers to PC control
  • Programmable methodologies
  • Saving and archiving analysis data
  • Graphic display output
  • Functions with MS Windows operation systems

  • Automates the functions of the ATS 200S Analysers, reducing human error to a minimum.
  • Allows the development of own methodologies that can be archived and recalled for future use as well as updated and modified.
  • All routines are selectable with a “Click” of the mouse.
  • Simplifies and speeds up all routine laboratory work.
  • Runs the complete analysis routine automatically, from sample preparation using micro-dilutions, up to final analysis results. All steps are documented and automatically memorized; archives approved data in PC memory.
  • Optimises analysis data using special algorithms; eliminating the need to re-run standards & prepare new calibration curves.
  • Option for coloured graphs of standard/samples.
  • Options for instrument and analysis validation.
  • Connects directly to the internet.
  • Assists to meet Good Laboratory Practice.
  • Assists to meet requirements of the latest updated ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Quality Management Standard.
  • Option to pool analysis data of different (field) laboratories and from different instruments.

Use the ATS MiniSoftWin professional laboratory software for all your analyses; it offers validation routines for optical spectroscopy (flame photometry).

The ATS MiniSoftWin software for flame photometry permits to run only one set of standards for the element and matrix of interest and display graphically the analyzer response for that element as well as the concentration range for a particular method and then optimise it, archive it for future recall for instant reuse.

Use only straight segments: correct the curved section and obtain a straight segment using the ATS MiniSoftWin polynomial algorhythms, thereby widening measuring ranges and eliminating time consuming sample dilution steps and calculations.

Any particular preset method can be copied into a new file, changed and the linear segments optimized for a different concentration range - without re-running standards and single point calibration.

The ATS MiniSoftWin professional software offers countless options to complement and reduce laboratory tasks. The ATS MiniSoftWin professional software allows to pool data from different area-wide or even country-wide laboratories and assist in the establishing of working quality standards and validation routines.

The ATS MiniSoftWin offers the option to operate/control also the ATS LabAssistant automated sample preparation station; it prepares samples for analysis (micro syringe) automatically and with high precision: it collects the sample volume, adds the exact diluent, mixes the two components and presents the ready solution to the analyser, thereafter it rinses the syringe, and sample preparation cup, to be ready for the next batch.

The ATS MiniSoftWin professional software has been tested for use with: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows XP Professional Version.

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