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- Automated, Multi-Component & Quantitative Analysis Software


AutoQuant Pro is a powerful new automated, multi-component, quantitative analysis program for analyzing gas phase mixtures in real time. The program provides a comfortable user interface for operating a MIDAC FTIR analyzer, defining analytical methods for computing concentrations of compounds, displaying and outputting results, and automating data collection for multiple sample stream installations. The program uses an advanced multivariate algorithm, originally developed in joint cooperation with scientists at NASA Kennedy Space Center.

Quantitative results, concentration vs. time plots, and spectra can be displayed and updated in real-time for continuous monitoring applications. Multi-level alarms and output of concentration levels to external analog devices is also available. In addition, spectra and quantitative results may be archived and exported to any spreadsheet program.

Additional MIDAC software works in conjunction with AutoQuant Pro to provide fully automated control for long term continuous data acquisition over multiple sample streams. This software suite can control valving to automatically collect background gas, calibration gases, and data from multiple sample lines. Data is organized automatically with real-time output.

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