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Aviation Carbon Trading Database


The aviation sector has entered the EU emissions trading scheme since 1 January 2012. This new carbon trading scheme applied to air transport includes (above a certain threshold applied to airline size) all flights taking off and/or landing on the European soil. For this reason, the scheme includes not only European airlines, but all airlines from the world that have flights connected with the European territory.


The Aviation Carbon Trading Database includes:

  • List of the 5500 aircraft operators to be included into the trading scheme
  • List of the 30 EU administering States with corresponding aircraft operators
  • List of the 159 States from all the world with corresponding originated aircraft operators
  • 2012-vintage allowances allocated to airline companies
  • Contact details of aircraft operators

In 2012, airline companies receive 85% of yearly emission allowance issuance free of charge and the rest 15% will be sold on public auctions. European commission allows aviation companies to submit compliance emission allowance also in form of EUA emission allowances or up to 15% in form of CER or ERU emission allowances.

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