Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS)


Building a culture of Safety requires visibility and control. You want to make sure you have the visibility to view safety data from all areas, and have the control to take action on safety events, sometimes before they even happen.

What is Aviation Safety Software?

Aviation safety software systems provide a common, centralized platform to track all safety reports and occurrences from operations within the Aviation industry. These safety events are logged and investigated, and remediation efforts are conducted to mitigate any risk or recurrence. Aviation safety software systems typically involve workflow-based platforms that enable users to route reports through appropriate approvals, calculate risks, and monitor the actions taken to correct any potential safety issues.

A Growing Need for Innovation in Aviation Safety.

Air carriers face numerous compliance challenges around aviation safety management, including complying with regulations and initiatives set forth by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and government regulators such as the Federal aviation Administration (FAA), Transport Canada, and civil aviation authorities (CAA).

Every few seconds, somewhere in the world, an airplane lands or takes off. These flights are all handled in the same manner, each time, from all operational areas of aviation due to universally accepted Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). ICAO SARPs cover all aspects of international civil aviation—from safety, to air traffic services, to the environment. With all of the events occurring within aviation, whether it is a safety, environmental, quality, or financial issue, this creates a need for an Integrated Airline Management System (IAMS). An effective IAMS would be a seamless integrated system that is easy to use and would effectively manage aviation operations in accordance with the standards set forth by the regulatory bodies of the Aviation industry. EtQ's Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) is part of an accepted IAMS.

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