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With Navigator, you can make better decisions, faster throughout the lifecycle of a project, while reducing project risk. Imagine being able to: Gain insight into your projects and operations with clearer visibility into the information in 3D models. Speed project delivery with immediate access to the latest information through one experience on every device. Improve project coordination and accelerate collaboration through faster reliable resolution of issues from field staff.

Work better together to speed approvals throughout design, construction, and operations using Navigator throughout the project lifecycle.

  • During design, it helps you ensure the coordination of trades with the ability to perform clash detection for timely issue resolution. 
  • In construction, you can perform construction simulation and collaborate between office, site, and field to gain insight into project planning and execution for faster resolution of issues found in the field.
  • During operations, you can improve the safety and speed of inspections and maintenance with the ability to see asset information within the context of 3D models.

Access drawings, documents and models

Access drawings, documents, and models
Review, navigate, and mark-up 3D i-models along with associated drawings and documentation of all sorts.

Conduct coordination reviews
Detect coordination errors and bring them to the attention of the project team. Check for clashes among trades and validate proper dimensions.

Connect to ProjectWise and other repositories
Ensure you have the latest shared version of project information by securely accessing models and related files through integration with ProjectWise.

Create visual reports
Create thematic displays of your models through queries of embedded properties. Visualize and better understand models and their associated project information.

Navigate models immersively
Intuitively navigate and interact with 3D models. Perform virtual walkthroughs and immersively explore and investigate the models and their embedded property data.

Query model information
Search and filter models based on property data or geometric criteria. Locate model elements and their embedded properties and linked information.

Resolve issues
Speed the reliable resolution of issues discovered by project team members by using forms, cloud services, and automated workflows.

Touch to navigate
Enjoy a touch interface on devices such as tablets and large screen touch devices to use the application and interact with models. Employ common gestures to rotate, zoom, and pan.

Use on any device
Access project information on the device of your choice with support for PCs, tablets, and other hybrid devices running Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Work connected or disconnected
Use the same applications whether in the field, in the office, or on-site, and synchronize whenever you have time, with the ability to work on models and associated documents without network connectivity.

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