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- Real-Time Decision Support System for Emergency Response Management Software


CAIRE is already for several years in practical operation at four locations of the French Navy. Based on a telemetric surveillance network it monitors the nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers. This installation had been accompanied by a large scale validation under participation of various French and German institutions.

When did it happen? Where did it happen? What happened? CAIRE allows you to answer these important questions at the beginning of an incident quickly and reliably. And yet CAIRE is easy to operate. The clear, menu driven user interface guarantees reliable operation even in the stress of an emergency.

Essentially you perform the following tasks with CAIRE:

  • In the run-up to the emissions CAIRE permits quick assessment of the effected area. This is aided by forecast calculations considering protective measures as e.g. staying in buildings or taking of iodine pills. So you can quickly process “IF-THEN” scenarios.
  • Automatic warning and start of the dispersion calculation after exceeding the threshold or limit value of at least 2 dose measurement instruments.
  • Source tracking based on measured doses and meteorological data with the aid of a feedback technique.
  • Source term assessment based on nuclide compositions and measured data.
  • Assessment of the affected area. Dispersion computation is started automatically every ten minutes and continuously compared with the measured data. CAIRE allows a user-defined forecast of radiation exposure based on the current situation. The dispersion calculations are carried out with a Gaussian puff model or a Lagrangian particle model. Inhomogeneous wind fields even make allowance for the effects of buildings and the terrain.
  • Dose calculation according to ICRP recommendations.
  • As the data from previous events can be stored in CAIRE practices can be reviewed and their efficiency evaluated. Moreover you can perform simulations of emergencies in order to obtain the practice necessary for a safe response.

According to the system configuration of CAIRE different processes are distributed on different PCs. All the com-puters are interconnected via a LAN.

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