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CEMData is a fully stand-alone market leading Environmental Software Package designed specifically to encompass the specialised and demanding requirements of all aspects of continuous emissions monitoring activities, i.e EN14181, WID, HWID, LCPD, QAL2, Fully Automated QAL3, Application of ELV's etc.


With user-defined rolling archives for real-time, semi-historical and long-term (typically 10-year) data, together with comprehensive real-time displays and “zoom-in” trends of historical data, CEMData has immediate application in those sites which do not have a DCS or SCADA system - and at extremely low cost.

A decision to use a DCS/SCADA for emissions monitoring requires careful consideration, as for all but the simplest applications, the programming issues are potentially complex.

The result can be time-consuming, ad hoc, site-specific solutions requiring expensive software maintenance as reporting requirements become more stringent. If plant status signals and the fault status of individual analysers and sampling components are to be taken into account (as they must be) when generating statistical data, then the software design and implementation will be a decidedly non-trivial operation.

For new projects, contractual considerations are equally important. A fully-configured up-and-running Software package fully operational before the commencement of the reliability run has the potential to generate enormous savings in avoiding liquidated damages for delay in contract completion, far exceeding the modest investment in the CEMData system. It also provides a valuable diagnostic tool for the display and archiving of data during this period. The lastest add-on features to CEMData are Web Browser & Auto-Emailing facilities.

CEMData includes as standard a powerful multi-channel digital storage oscilloscope which may be assigned from the Maintenance menu to any hard-wired analogue input, giving immediate on-screen display of hum, noise pick-up or instability affecting any channel from anywhere on the plant – and all without opening a single terminal box or connecting an instrument!

Data security using second hard disc, mirrored drive or RAID array. All data stored in tamper-resistant binary format and displayed using CEMData’s own powerful drag-and drop graphical formatting package.

  • On-line supportLOWE Engineering’s CEMData Plus package includes dial-up support, trouble-shooting and configuration from our works by our own engineers.

  • Complete functional independenceThere is increasing demand for the emissions monitoring package to be independent of systems which handle day-to-day operational data and user adjustments. However, CEMData can receive data in a variety of formats from any instrument, from other computer packages or the DCS/SCADA system.

  • Reporting made easyCEMData’s wide range of specialised functions have been developed specifically to facilitate the interpretation of arcane emissions legislation and site authorisations into unambiguous, clearly-defined reporting parameters. Each operation is comprehensively supported by an in-depth context-sensitive help utility, which includes technical notes, definitions and explanations. New features are added in response to user requirements.

  • Interpretation of digital status and fault signalsOne of the most important features of CEMData’s unique design is the maintenance of a (potentially unlimited) list of application-defined FAULT conditions associated with each input signal. These are in turn transferred to all measurements calculated from one or more signals. Instrument faults, analyser-in-calibration, sample system faults, maintenance-in-progress or even plant operating conditions which would invalidate the signal are displayed on-screen in a format providing immediate indication of any non-valid measurement. All invalid measurements are excluded from reported emissions data. At a single mouse-click, reports may optionally show the number of valid data points contributing to each calculated value.

  • Exclusion alarmsA related, but logically distinct facility is the provision of a user-defined exclusion alarm list. This is a list of conditions which the user may associate with any report template to exclude data reports generated using that template, whenever one or more of the defined conditions is true. It may for example be necessary to produce a report which excludes all data under certain plant operating conditions (e.g. “less than 6 hours at base load”, “main stack bypassed”, “abatement plant failure”, etc.). The user may define an unlimited number of report templates, any of which may optionally include an exclusion alarm list.

  • Dynamic product support and developmentCEMData is an evolving package, to which new features are being added in response to customer demand. We aim to incorporate, test and configure custom-defined software features within the contract period of a new installation.

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