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- Version DataCurrent - Host and Analyze Flow Data


DataCurrent provides an efficient and reliable way to collect, process and analyze municipal and environmental time-series data.

  • Flow monitoring and data analysis to develop rainfall versus storm water runoff response curves for calibrating drainage system models used to explain causes of flooding and develop remediation measures.
  • Identification of the location and quantification of the extraneous I/I during wet-weather flow in sanitary sewers for use in sanitary sewer system capacity analysis.
  • Real-time monitoring and alarming of measured rain using rain gauges to alert or trigger operations staff of specific flooding or sewer overflow potential.
  • Monitoring and analyzing of the rainfall amounts in various locations to assess the amount of rain in other non-monitored locations – also referred as ‘Distributed Rainfall Modelling Technique’ (DRMT).
  • Analysis of rainfall radar data in combination with rain gauge rainfall data to produce improved rainfall coverage maps.
  • Analysis of recent rainfall records to develop rainfall Intensity-Duration curves for comparing with the area’s design Intensity-Duration-Frequency curves and define the return periods of observed events (Forensic Analysis).
  • Development of new Intensity-Duration-Frequency curves for designing drainage system infrastructure (sewers, channels, storage facilities).
  • DataCurrent provides secure, simple and inexpensive data warehousing services with the data being available 24/7 from anywhere via any browser.

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