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Time is your greatest asset in business.  Companies spend the majority of their dollars and efforts trying to create more time by doing things more efficiently.  In 2008, Matrix and HB NEXT launched a custom software offering that aimed at streaming the processes and reporting related to CMT.  For medium to large size firms, this solution fit like a glove Today, companies of all sizes can benefit from this industry proven software with CMT Cloud! With packages starting at $199 a month, you can operate like the big boys without the hefty price tag!

Available on Google Play

CMT Cloud is a comprehensive management system for construction materials testing and special inspections companies, agencies and management offices. CMT Cloud is an end-to-end solution for organizations of all sizes to deploy. The CMT Cloud environment is built specifically for delivering engineering quality to your construction projects. Built with compliance in mind, CMT Cloud offers automated IBC, ICC, ASTM and NPDES workflows that reduces the stresses of CMT and Special Inspections processes.

ICC & ASTM Workflows

  • ASTM Concrete Sample & Tests Management
  • ICC Soil Field & Lab Test
  • NPDES Related Tests

Automated IBC Reports

  • Open & Corrected Items
  • Standardized Reports
  • Consistent / Unified Communication


  • Internal Job Scheduling
  • External Work Orders
  • Active Notifications


  • Invoices
  • Proposals
  • Batch Reports

Document Storage

  • Central Repository
  • Controlled Access
  • Project Docs “On-the-Go”

General Reporting

  • Individual Record Keeping
  • On-Demand Report Access
  • Improved Work Transparency

Job Notifications

  • On Job Acceptance
  • On Report Issue
  • On Certification

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