Dispersion of Odours



NUMTECH uses specific software applications to model the dispersion of odours as part of its impact studies on composting activities, water treatment, animal waste disposal and petrochemicals. Based on flow quantification data and a representative meteorological time chart (generally covering several years), the models are used to map odour concentrations (UO/m3) throughout the facilities' surrounding environment, factoring in complex effects such as obstacles, multiple-point sources, near fields, turbulent fluctuation of odour levels, etc.

The computations enable industrials to meet regulatory requirements (orders governing animal waste disposal and composting dated 12 February 2003 and 22 April 2008 respectively) and/or to determine the heights of stacks or the size of deodorizing systems so as to limit their impact on neighbouring populations.

Weather diagnostics provide site administrators with data on weather situations that might have adverse effects on odour dispersion, and therefore enable them to plan ahead and reschedule certain activities (turning of windrows, etc.).

Our extensive experience coupled with insight derived from our latest related research efforts (in particular, the EMISITE and AROME projects funded by ADEME) means we have developed unique expertise in processing the results generated by the models, and are therefore able to provide accurate and timely input on impact limitation strategies.

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