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- Ambient Air Quality Data Logger



Station Manager data logger includes a wide variety of averaging methods, such as: standard arithmetic averaging. Wind Speed and Direction Vectors, Sigma, Sigma Theta, Sigma w, Sigma v, Rainfall, Gust, Coefficient of Haze (COH), Difference, Sum, Ratio, Lbs/Hr, ton/Day, Lbs/mmBTU, ppm-dry-corrected, Linearize, Multi-Hour Rolling Averages, Multi-Day Rolling Averages, Block Averages, Stack Flow, and many standard equations used in CEMS monitoring. Station Manager data loggers include an extremely realistic trend and strip chart program. Users can create up to 10 pre-defined strip charts with up to 8 parameters on each chart. Advanced features include zoom, selective removal of traces, highlighting of traces, and chart annotations. Provides 1-second data resolution of data on strip charts.

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