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- Software and Remote Monitoring System


The software and remote monitoring system for the EOL Zenith data logger ensures reliable and easy access to wind data and logger status, and forms an integral part of the data acquisi­tion system.

Download data, collect real-time values, refine log­ger settings remotely and keep all your wind data or­ganized.

  • Dashboard with site-by-site status, with direct access to site coordinates via Google Earth
  • Automatic data download from unlimited number of sites
  • Advanced sensor error diagnosis
  • User selectable output format incl. EPE (Brazil) and MGM (Turkey)
  • Upload new logger settings OTA
  • Live real-time data (bi-directional communication)
  • Multiple data delivery and forward options
  • User configurable password protection

EOL Manager has been visually enhanced with several new features, including advanced graphics for more accurate wind data trouble-shooting as well as enhanced control of multiple wind assessment sites with automatic and real time connectivity.

In short EOL Manager offers ‘at a glance’ status of all your data loggers in the field with easy identification of sensor faults. It also allows for configuration of the data loggers, download frequency etc.

  • Download of wind data:Multiple options
  • Sensor error diagnosis: automatic sensor diagnosis
  • Data output format: User selectable with optional EPE (Brazil) and MGM (Turkey)
  • Real-time data: Yes, live real-time data (bi-directional communication) pr. default on all loggers
  • Password protection: 2 level user configurable
  • Logger settings: Onsite or OTA (over the air)

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