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- Version FLOW-3D/MP - High Performance Compute Clusters


FLOW-3D/MP enables engineers to take advantage of the power of FLOW-3D on high-performance compute clusters to tackle problems with very large domains or long runtimes. Hybrid parallelization of the FLOW-3D solver uses both Message Passing Interface (MPI) and OpenMP to achieve maximum parallelization and utilization of the underlying multi-core cluster architecture. FLOW-3D/MP offers significant performance advantage and reduced runtimes which results in shorter design cycles and an opportunity to do a comprehensive parametric study within their design cycles. All this can be achieved while retaining the accuracy offered by FLOW-3D.

  • Developed and optimized for the latest multi-core architecture
  • Parallelization based on the Hybrid MPI-OpenMP methodology
  • True Domain Decomposition
  • Automatic Decomposition Tool allows directional decomposition
  • Optimized MPI communication and memory management in the pre-processor
  • Full compatibility with the FLOW-3D v11 GUI and FlowSight for post-processing results
  • The physical models and numerical methods of FLOW-3D/MP v6 are based on FLOW-3D v11
  • Remote solving capability enabled

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